LEED Credits

International Cellulose Corporation is pleased to announce that K-13, SonaSpray “fc”, SonaKrete, Ure-K, and Celbar products can contribute up to 17 points to the overall LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) rating of a project. This program is a self-assessing system designed for rating new and existing commercial, institutional, and high-rise residential buildings. It evaluates environmental performance from a “whole building” perspective over a building’s life cycle, providing a definitive standard for what constitutes a green building. K-13, SonaSpray “fc”, SonaKrete, Ure-K, and Celbar contribute in the following areas:

  • Optimize Energy Performance
  • Recycled Content (80% Post-Consumer)
  • Local/Regional Materials
  • Certified Wood
  • Low-Emitting Materials
  • Daylight & Views

For more information about LEED program visit www.usgbc.org






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