International Cellulose Corporation's thermal and acoustical products are installed with specialized equipment by an international network of certified applicators supported through continuous technical training, documentation, and follow-up service programs to achieve consistent, predictable results.

The equipment featured here is only available to certified ICC Installers. For more information on the certification process, please contact us.

Ranger 6 Package

Ranger 6 Package

Standard Features

  • All-welded structural steel construction
  • Variable feed rate with indicator
  • 8” wheels for easy mobility
  • 2-bag hopper capacity
  • Size: 38”L x 24”W x 48”H
  • Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Passes through standard doorways
  • 1.5hp TEFC 220v/60Hz single phase motor
  • Operates on 30-amp circuit
  • Push-to-reset breakers
  • Digital volt and hour meters
  • AR-200 power receptacle
  • Boost transformer
  • Accessory parts available in-stock

New Blower-Box Design

  • Features 220 volt, 3-stage blowers
  • Blowers are reconfigured in the blower box
  • Air is captured directly from blower to the air lock
  • Includes 3 air filters


  • 50% increase in blower life
  • Less restriction on air intake
  • No back pressure from the blowers to the air-lock
  • 20% increase in air pressure

Removable Air-Lock

  • Air-lock unbolts from machine
  • The feed gate slides in a track


  • Allows for easy removal and transport for repair or a quick seal change
  • Sliding feed gate enables fine-tune adjustments

Enlarged Electrical Panel

  • Larger panel for ease of servicing
  • All connections in the terminal block are numbered
  • Solid state relays for blowers and drive motor


  • Electrical panel has doubled in size allowing for easier component replacement
  • Numbered terminal block makes finding and troubleshooting a problem much quicker. Wiring diagram is much simpler to follow.
  • Dramatic increase in life of solid state relays for blowers & drive motor

Ranger 6ST - Trailer Package

For the contractor who needs autonomous installation capabilities, the Ranger 6 spray machine, adhesive pump, hose reel, and diesel generator are mounted in a heavy-duty tandem axle trailer. The trailer has lockable storage and access compartments, three stabilizer legs, and DOT approved running lights.

Ready to Spray

The complete Ranger 6 mobile system is mounted in a heavy duty tandem axle trailer. Open the doors, roll out the hose from the electric-powered hose reel, push the button on the electric-start generator, and you are spraying in less than 15-minutes.
Ranger 6ST Trailer Package

No Delays

Your 15 kW water-cooled diesel generator provides all the power needed to operate the Ranger 6 system. Eliminate costly downtime due to limited power supply. Run your project on your schedule, three shifts a day, seven days a week.

Easily Maintained

Your spray equipment is always together, ready to work at a moments notice. All equipment is accessible for easy maintenance through large lockable access doors. Ample space exists for equipment and spare parts.