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Ranger 6 Package

Specifically designed equipment to spray K-13 and SonaSpray “fc”

Ranger 6 Package


• Features 220 volt, 3-stage blowers

• Blowers are reconfigured in the blower box

• Air is captured directly from blower to the air lock

• Includes 3 air filters


• 50% increase in blower life

• Less restriction on air intake

• No back pressure from the blowers to the air lock

• 20% increase in air pressure


• The air lock unbolts from machine

• The feed gate slides in a track


• Allows for easy removal and transport for repair or a quick seal change

• Sliding feed gate enables fine-tune adjustments


• Larger panel for ease of servicing

• All connections in the terminal block are numbered

• Solid state relays for blowers and drive motor


• Electrical panel has doubled in size allowing for easier component replacement

• Numbered terminal block makes finding and troubleshooting a problem much quicker. Wiring diagram is much simpler to follow.

• Dramatic increase in life of solid state relays for blowers & drive motor

  • All-welded structural steel construction
  • Variable feed rate with indicator
  • 8” wheels for easy mobility
  • 2-bag hopper capacity
  • Size: 38”L x 24”W x 48”H
  • Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Passes through standard doorways
  • 1.5hp TEFC 220v/60Hz single phase motor
  • Operates on 30 amp circuit
  • Push-to-reset breakers
  • Digital volt and hour meters
  • AR-200 power receptacle
  • Boost transformer
  • Accessory parts available in-stock

Ranger 6ST

For the contractor who needs autonomous installation capabilities.

Ranger 6ST Complete Package
The Ranger 6 spray machine, adhesive pump, hose reel and diesel generator are mounted in a heavy-duty tandem axle trailer. The trailer has lockable storage and access compartments, three stabilizer legs, and DOT approved running lights.

Ready to Spray

The complete Ranger 6 mobile system is mounted in a heavy duty tandem axle trailer. Open the doors, roll out the hose from the electric powered hose reel, push the button on the electric start generator and you are spraying in less than 15 minutes.

No Delays

Your 15 kw water cooled diesel generator provides all the power needed to operate the Ranger 6 system. Eliminate costly downtime due to power supply. Run your project on your own schedule, three shifts a day, seven days a week.

Easily Maintained

Your spray equipment is always together, ready to work at a moments notice. All equipment is accessible for easy maintenance through large lockable access doors. Ample space exists for equipment and spare parts.

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