Ure-K is a thermal barrier approved as a building interior insulation to delay the ignition and reduce the surface burning rate of low melting, combustible rigid spray-on polyurethane foam. Ure-K may be sprayed over foam in existing buildings or it can be used as a protective coating over foam in new construction projects as a combination system.

Unlike other products that are “Ignition Barriers”, Ure-K fully complies with the thermal barrier requirements of 15 minute protection. Insurance carriers know that Ure-K has been a proven performer for many years and often times require its use. Plastic foam products have a very high smoke rating and the use of Ure-K will provide precious time to evacuate the building in the unfortunate case of a fire.

When used with an overall insulation package, Ure-K, at 1.25″, adds another R-4.5 to the system, providing more performance per dollar than competing barriers that do not add insulation value.

Thermal Insulation

Ure-K applied over polyurethane provides additional thermal resistance which will meet the stringent “R” values required for today’s energy conservation needs. The combination of Ure-K and polyurethane has the highest efficiency of all available insulations.

Noise Control

Ure-K is a monolothic coating which will provide a highly efficient sound absorption surface in either new or existing buildings. This is an important benefit in controlling noise levels to meet OSHA and other requirements.


Ure-K fibers and liquid binder are applied to the surfaces simultaneously in separate streams through equipment especially engineered to control the adhesive/fiber mixture. The Ure-K binder provides excellent adhesion to all types of foam insulations.

Ure-K & Foam Applications

The combination of Ure-K Spray Coating and foam can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Freezers
  • Coolers
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Metal buildings
  • Underground parking decks
  • Projects requiring high R-values
  • Curtin wall high rise buildings
  • Tilt-up, precast & poured-in-place concrete construction
  • Energy conservation


Ure-K should not be applied in areas where there is prolonged exposure to water, nor necessity for requiring a washable surface or where contaminants such as dust, lint or oil mist exist. If flammable contaminants collect on the surface, it should be removed or oversprayed with a fire retardant solution. Ure-K should not be used in areas where temperatures exceed 150°F, at the surface, for long durations. Do not apply Ure-K in areas where mechanical damage will result, unless it is protected.

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