18 Years of Durability with K-13 in the Kansas City International Airport

The experience that comes from an airport can leave a lasting impression on the passengers about the airline, city, or even the country being visited. Along with increased safety measures, airports are taking more consideration into the design, aesthetics, and comfort of their buildings for the passengers that visit their terminals.

The Kansas City International Airport is an airport that wanted to make its terminals as appealing and functioning as they underwent some required renovations in 2004. The airport had to undergo asbestos abatement throughout the airport’s terminals to make the entire airport safer for the passengers and employees. To address the need for improved acoustics and ensure speech intelligibility over the PA system while maintaining a tight timeline, K-13 was selected for the ceiling of the terminals. After the removal of the asbestos, K-13 in a custom color was spray-applied to the original coffered concrete ceiling. The quick installation capabilities of K-13 allowed the application to take place while the airport continued normal operations-a feat that would be nearly impossible with any other type of insulation material. Today, almost twenty years after this installation took place, the application of K-13 remains in place and continues to provide top-notch performance.

Download the pdf version of this project here.