Acoustic Control in Slowpokes Bar and Restaurant

Located in the Garden Oaks neighborhood in Houston, Texas, Slowpokes is a quirky cafe serving a variety of espresso drinks, light fare, draft beer, and wine in an industrial yet cozy, eclectic environment. To create an enjoyable, open environment, acoustical finishes were key to ensuring adequate control of excessive, unwanted noise.

To address the need for acoustics without compromising ceiling height or the industrial aesthetic, K-13 Gray was utilized for the ceiling. Spray-applied to the ribbed metal decking, the application of K-13 serves as an exposed interior finish that provides optimal acoustic comfort while complimenting the distinctive decor.

In addition to acoustic performance, K-13 provides thermal value to reduce heating and cooling costs. Made in Houston, Texas from sustainable, cellulose fibers, K-13 is a locally sourced, environmentally friendly material.

View or download the Slowpokes Design Solution pdf here.