K-13 White- St. Athanasius

Acoustic Solutions for Worship Centers

Whether you’re planning a new worship facility, expanding or renovating an existing one, or planning a historical preservation project, our high performance, spray-applied, acoustic finishes can be used to meet the acoustic, lighting, and design objectives. No matter what your design requirements and budget constraints are, ICC’s products can be customized to meet your needs!

K-13 Black- Mile High Church- Lakewood, CO

K-13- Black- Mile Hi Church- Lakewood, CO

New Construction

1.5″ of K-13 Black controls the reverberation (echo time) in the 40,000 Sq. Ft. sanctuary at Mile-Hi Church. The resilient fibers of K-13 absorb sound energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation time and making speech and music more intelligible.

SonaKrete White- Assumption Chapel Carthagena, OH

SonaKrete- White- Assumption Chapel Carthagena, OH

Historic Preservation

SonaKrete White was used for the renovation and Historic preservation of Assumption Chapel at St. Charles Senior Living Community. Originally built in 1906, SonaKrete was used to drastically improve Speech Intelligibility and Ambient Sound Quality without compromising the historic chapel.

K-13 White- St. Athanasius

K-13- White- St. Athanasius Church


1.5″ of K-13 White provides Thermal Control, Acoustic Performance, and Light Reflectivity at St. Athanasius Church in Reading, MA. The hyperbolic parabolic structure was originally built in the 1960s. K-13 was selected for its high performance properties to replace the original ceiling.

SonaSpray"FC" Custom Colors- Temple Ohabei Shalom- Brookline, MA

SonaSpray “fc”- Custom Colors- Temple Ohabei Shalom- Brookline, MA

Custom Colors

SonaSpray “fc” in a total of three custom colors was utilized for this renovation project at Temple Ohabei Shalom, in Brookline, MA. SonaSpray “fc” was produced in three specialty colors to match the original colors of the worship facility. K-13, SonaSpray “fc”, and SonaKrete can be produced in virtually any, custom-matched, integrated color. This capability removes the need for paint which can effect acoustic performance.