Acoustic Spray-On Insulation Perfect for Canceling Out Restaurant Noise

K-13 in the Ginza Japanese Restaurant

Located in the heart of Houston’s Galleria neighborhood, Ginza Japanese Restaurant is a long-time local favorite. One of the very first Japanese restaurants in the Houston area, Ginza has been serving traditional Japanese food and sushi since 1975. After many successful years of operations at its current location off of San Felipe street, Ginza recently underwent a transformative renovation project.

The restaurant features several private rooms for special events, an expansive dining room decorated with traditional Japanese decor, and a contemporary bar offering live karaoke several nights a week. To address the need for acoustics in the bar, without compromising the ceiling height or modern design, K-13 Black was utilized for the ceiling.

Spray-applied to the ribbed metal decking, K-13 serves as an exposed interior finish. Unlike hard surfaces and materials, which reflect sound, K-13 absorbs excessive/unwanted noise, making speech and music more intelligible, while contributing to the overall ambiance. In addition to acoustic performance, K-13 in Black compliments the lighting and modern design, while making the space feel larger.

Download the pdf of the Ginza Japanese restaurant here.
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