Acoustic & Thermal Solutions for Theme Parks

K-13 in the Angry Birds Activity Park

Based on the immensely popular mobile game, Angry Birds Activity Park is an expansive entertainment center located in St. Petersburg, Russia. The park features 8 special zones, 40 developing attractions, 4 rooms for special events and celebrations, a cafe, and a store. Designed by JRA, a firm internationally recognized for designing theme parks, attractions, museums, science centers, sports venues, corporations, and leisure destinations around the world, the theme park delivers a one-of-a-kind experience for families of all ages.

Download the pdf Design Solution for the Angry Birds Activity Park here.


Acoustics played an essential role in the design of the facility. Without acoustical absorption excessive noise would have been prevalent throughout the space. To address the need for acoustical control without compromising ceiling height, K-13 in Black was applied to the ceiling. Unlike hard surfaces and materials which reflect sound, K-13 absorbs echo, reverberation, and excessive noise. In addition to acoustic performance, K-13 in Black delivers a dramatic, bold backdrop for illuminated graphics and design details.

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