Acoustical and Thermal Insulation in VEO Robotics Machine Shop and Office Areas

Veo Robotics is transforming manufacturing through their innovative products, which incorporate advanced computer vision, 3D sensing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowing workers to collaborate and interact with high-performance robots and specialized machinery in real-time.

Located in Waltham, MA, Veo Robotics’ 9,800 square foot facility is a modern, open-plan design encompassing conference rooms, workshops, and office areas. K-13 in White was utilized to provide acoustical control ensuring a productive, comfortable environment. K-13 was spray-applied to the exposed metal decking throughout the facility. At 1.5” thick, the application of K-13 provides a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.05, controlling echo, reverberation, and excessive noise which would otherwise be prevalent in an area of this type. In addition to acoustic performance, K-13 in White provides high light reflectivity to optimize lighting and contributes thermal R-value.

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