Amazing Spaces Storage Center Parking Garage Thermal and Acoustical Design Solution

K-13 was utilized for Amazing Spaces, a premier storage facility in Houston, Texas. The storage center features an expansive covered drive for easy, efficient loading, and unloading no matter what the weather is. Spray-applied to the sheltered space, K-13 provides exceptional insulation, preventing heating and cooling loss between the climate-controlled storage above the covered drive. K-13 provides a durable surface, proven to withstand Houston’s humid air and inclement weather conditions.

K-13 is a high-performance, thermal and acoustical finish system. It is available in seven standard colors and in custom integral colors. No matter your design requirements or budget constraints, K-13 can be customized to meet your project needs. Parking garages, warehouses, restaurants, gymnasiums, sports facilities, and schools are just a few of the many projects that benefit from K-13.



Whether for new construction or renovation, International Cellulose has an acoustical and thermal solution to help you create the ideal space.

The print ready Design Solution can be downloaded here.