Before and After Sound Demo of Grace Evangelical Gymnasium

Athletics are an integral part of Grace Evangelical Church, providing meaningful opportunities for students to grow spiritually and athletically while developing leadership and teamwork skills. As with any learning environment, proper acoustics are essential for this space to function effectively, which is utilized for basketball practice, games, church meetings, and special events.

To ensure maximum functionality, speech and music intelligibility, and proper functioning of audio equipment, acoustical treatment was key to controlling echo, reverberation, and excessive noise. To address the need for acoustical absorption, Roland, Woolworth & Associates, an acoustical consulting firm specializing in this type of project, specified 1” of SonaSpray “fc” in Arctic White. Applied to  the exposed ribbed metal decking to a minimum thickness of 1”, SonaSpray “fc” in Arctic White provides a durable, damage-resistant surface that will look great for years to come.

Unlike hard surfaces and materials, which reflect sound, the application of SonaSpray “fc” absorbs excessive noise, particularly in the hard-to-treat low to mid frequencies, as acoustical analysis of “before” and “after” the application revealed. In addition to acoustical performance, SonaSpray “fc” in White provides high light reflectance, reducing the need for excessive lighting costs.

View and Download the Design Solution for Grace Evangelical Church here.