Boston University East Center

Boston University East Campus Center

Boston university East Campus Center

SonaKrete enhances the educational environment at Boston University’s East Campus Center for Student Services, which was designed by Bruner/ Cott & Associates, and is LEED Gold certified.

SonaKrete Premium Acoustic Finish controls acoustics within this spectacular student center designed by Bruner/ Cott & Associates. The ¾” application of SonaKrete provides a Noise Reduction Coefficient of .75 in an area which would have otherwise been prone to echo and reverberation. SonaKrete was selected in White, which provides high GE light reflectivity. This feature was utilized towards the Center’s high efficiency lighting plan. SonaKrete is a low emitting, environmentally friendly product that is manufactured in the US from 80% recycled content.

Additional sustainable measures at the Center include: a green roof on the 3rd floor, a ground and storm water retention system, low-emitting materials, day lighting & occupancy controls, full building recycling program, a consolidated refrigeration system, and more.

Check out the installer’s Project Profile to learn more.


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