BREEAM Outstanding Rating: Brockholes Wetland Center

Designed by Adam Khan Architects, Brockholes Wetland Center delivers a one-of-a-kind visitor experience in a serene setting. Situated on a floating island in the heart of Brockholes Nature Reserve, this unique waterborne structure is a “floating masterpiece of architecture and design.” Material selection played an integral role in the project to ensure the facility would float and be protected from flooding. Since sustainability also played an important role in the design, durable yet lightweight materials, including timber and oak, were used to create the iconic geometric structures that make up the facility.

To address the need for acoustical control, without adding substantial weight to the structure, SonasSpray “fc” in a custom color was spray-applied to the steeply pitched ceilings. The application of SonasSpray “fc” compliments the exposed wood beams, natural aesthetic, and surrounding setting while ensuring optimum acoustical comfort throughout the space. In addition to acoustic performance, SonasSpray “fc” provides thermal R-value to help lower operational costs and improve efficiency. Made from sustainable cellulose fibers, which contain rich stores of sequestered carbon, SonasSpray “fc” contributes towards the low impact design. For architectural resources please visit our documentation page and email us at

The project achieved a prestigious “BREEAM Outstanding” rating and numerous architectural awards, including the RIBA Regional Conservation Award, RIBA National Award, Sustain’ Award: Architecture and Design, Civic Trust Award: Special Award: Sustainability, and Wood Awards: Commercial and Public Access.

Download the pdf version of this project here.


Watch our short video to learn more about the Custom Color process.

In addition to the thermal and acoustical properties provided by ICC’s products, they also contribute dramatically to the design aesthetics of any building environment. These products are available in a variety of standard colors, such as white or black. When your design requires custom consideration, your choices are endless. Red, green, blue, purple, or whatever color captures your imagination, simply provide us with your paint color and let us take it from there. Once you approve the color blend, our plant is dedicated to the production of your custom color. During the manufacturing process, your specific color is blended into your acoustic or thermal insulation. Production time is usually about two weeks.