Cambridge Rindge & Latin School

Cambridge Rindge & Latin School Receives LEED Gold Certification

Cambridge Rindge & Latin SchoolCambridge Rindge & Latin School received LEED Gold Certification after a series of retrofit/renovation projects by HMFH Architects, which took place over the last few years. Through these renovations, the school was able to drastically reduce energy consumption, water usage, and overall operating cost; while improving the environment for students.

One of the renovation projects was the school’s indoor swimming pool, which was in desperate need of repair. Prior to the renovation the pool’s untreated, concrete ceiling produced unbearable echo and reverberation (in addition to being an eyesore). HMFH Architects selected a ½” application of SonaSpray “FC” in Arctic White which was spray-applied to the facilities concrete ceiling. SonaSpray “FC” transformed acoustics within the space while also providing lighting efficiency.Cambridge Rindge & Latin School

Other retrofit and renovation projects at the school included improvements to the HVAC system, installation of low-flow fixtures, rainwater collection beneath the playground, a rooftop garden, high efficient lighting/maximized day lighting, and more.

The installer provides a full review of the project’s renovation or learn more about the school’s overall transformation and view this project’s LEED Scorecard from the USGBC.


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