Commercial Insulation Spray Equipment

International Cellulose Corporation's thermal and acoustical products are installed with specialized commercial insulation spray equipment by an international network of certified applicators supported through continuous technical training, documentation, and follow-up service programs to achieve consistent, predictable results. The equipment featured here is only available to certified ICC Installers. For more information on spray insulation applicators or the certification process

Ranger 7 ICC Spray Application Package

Ranger 7 Package

Standard Features

Ranger 7

  • 200’ Remote cord with 3 Position Switch

AR-200 Liquid Pump

  • 3hp/220v Single Phase 60hz Motor
  • 450 PSI @ 9.0 Gallons Per Minute
  • Intake Filter Assembly Included

MT-300 Mixer/Transfer Pump

  • ¾hp/110v 60hz
  • Removable Transfer Hose for Mixing

NA-800 Single Jet Spray Nozzle

  • Includes NA 805 Standard Jet
  • High Pressure Valve and Pressure Gauge

High Pressure Liquid Line

  • 200’ ½” I.D. 600 PSI Working Pressure
  • Fittings for AR-200 Pump and NA-800 Nozzle Attachment

Fiber hose

  • 200’ 2½” I.D. Smooth Bore Hose
  • Matching Both Ranger 7 and NA – 800 Nozzle