Functional Open Office Design in Iponweb

Iponweb is an AI, Data & Engineering Company specializing in real-time, digital advertising technology. Originally founded in the UK, today Iponweb has offices around the globe including their stunning engineering center in Moscow, Russia designed by Za Bor Architects. Located within an old industrial building, that was once a brewery and later a ball-bearing plant, the open-concept office features unique architectural details including exposed crossbeams, utility lines, and substantial level differences-used, which were to create distinct workspaces while maintaining maximum openness.


To ensure the converted space would serve as a functional, comfortable environment, acoustical consideration was key. To address the need for acoustical control without compromising ceiling height or openness, K-13 in White was utilized for the ceilings throughout the space.  Spray-applied to the exposed ribbed metal decking, the application of K-13 serves as an exposed interior finish.

Unlike hard surfaces and materials, used prominently throughout the space, K-13 absorbs excessive noise which would otherwise be prevalent in an environment of this type. In addition to exceptional acoustic performance, K-13 in White provides high light reflectance, for optimized daylighting.

View or download the Iponweb Design Solution pdf here.