Gensler European H.Q.

Gensler chose SonaSpray “fc” for New European H.Q.

Gensler, an internationally leading architectural and design firm, recently revealed its new European headquarters in Moretown, East London. The expansive 35,000 square foot building was transformed by Gensler’s architectural and interior design team into an innovative space that will meet both current and future needs. Rather than competing with the existing landscape, the building draws inspiration from the London Docks and visually enhances the surrounding environment. Exterior details compliment interior elements, including timber, brick, and exposed steel, reminiscent of the historic area.

Download the pdf version of this project here.

Acoustics were essential to ensure maximum comfort and functionality throughout the multi-level, open-concept space. To address the need for acoustical control without compromising the innovative design, SonaSpray “fc” in White was utilized for the ceilings. Spray-applied to the exposed metal decking, the application of SonaSpray “fc” serves as an exposed finish. Unlike hard surfaces and materials which reflect sound, SonaSpray “fc” absorbs excessive noise for an optimal acoustic environment. In addition to acoustic performance, SonaSpray “fc” in White provides high light reflectance and enhances natural daylighting.

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Sonaspray in Gensler European HQSonaspray in Gensler European HQ
Gensler European H.Q.