K-13 Meets Requirements For Parking Garages

Located in Houston, Texas, Muse at the The Museum District high-end apartment community is one of many new housing developments in the ever-expanding city. Located in the heart of the Museum District, the luxury complex is located atop office and retail spaces perfectly meshing with the fast-paced and thriving area.

The vast parking garage for Muse at The Museum District is located below the apartment spaces. This presented the issue of controlling both thermal and noise problems from the parking garages below. K-13 Thermal and Acoustical material was a perfectly suited solution to this problem. An application of 1.5” of K-13 Gray was applied to over 132,000 square feet of the parking garage ceiling matching the stone and brick patterned lot. Working around the extensive exposed conduit, K-13 was able to reduce the noise and insulate the apartment spaces above while still achieving the design objective necessary for such a high-end community.

Download the pdf version of this project here.

The K-13 system begins with specially prepared cellulose fibers combined with natural fire retardants in a strict, quality-controlled manufacturing process to produce a Class 1, Class A rated material. K-13 is then spray-applied by an international network of professional contractors licensed by ICC to ensure consistent and predictable results. During application, the K-13 fibers combine with a patented water-based adhesive resulting in a durable, exposed finish. View technical information such as Sustainable Credit Categories and ASTM Standard Compliance.

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