K-13 used in the Forth & Nomad Gift Shop

Located in the energetic Houston Heights neighborhood, Forth and Nomad is a specialty gift shop, coffee bar, and candle bar that offers sustainable, well-designed products and contemporary fashion. Designed to promote occupant comfort, maximum flexibility, and functionality, the retailer’s flagship store is an expansive, open-concept space that is organized into sections by merchandise racks and display cases, which can easily be moved for in-store events.

Since poor acoustics can adversely affect sales in retail environments, acoustical finishes were key to ensuring a successful space. To address the need for acoustics without comprising the design or sacrificing ceiling height, K-13 in Light Gray was applied to the vaulted ceiling. The application of K-13 serves as an exposed interior finish that compliments the neutral color palette. Unlike hard surfaces and materials, which reflect sound, K-13 absorbs excessive noise which would otherwise be prevalent in a space of this type.

Download the pdf version of the project here.