Sound Control in UH’s Fertitta Center with K-13

University of Houston’s Fertitta Center was designed as a true multi-purpose center. The arena is used for men’s and women’s basketball games, volleyball games, commencement ceremonies, circus performances, and a wide range of music concerts. More and more institutions are realizing that if they build an arena with multipurpose capabilities, they not only make more revenue from the facility, but they will also save money from not having to build additional facilities. Acoustic control is an important design consideration for multipurpose arenas due to the open design and acoustically reflective surfaces generally present.

K-13 Black was applied to the arena’s ceiling to meet these requirements. K-13 reduces excessive noise levels and reverberation, allowing full utilization of the center, because of it’s exceptional sound absorption properties. K-13 Black helps to create a black-out effect, good for events like ceremonies, while also complimenting the Fertitta Center’s lighting system which is good for events like concerts.

Download the pdf version of this project here.