Mamacita’s Chooses Custom Color SonaSpray “fc”

Mamacita’s has opened a new restaurant in San Antonio, Texas to take advantage of the traditional Mexican atmosphere and the many tourist attractions. Designers wanted to provide an escape for guests by taking them back to a small cozy Mexican town. An effect that was produced by creating building mock-ups for different areas of the restaurant painted with vibrant, festive colors.

Designers needed an acoustical material that effectively made the ceiling disappear. Acoustic baffles and tiles would have dramatically clashed with the visual effect designers were trying to create. SonaSpray “fc” provides high acoustical values and did not interfere with the effect. The special Twilight Blue color effectively made the ceiling appear as a calm, clear evening. In combination, SonaSpray “fc” and the fiber-optic lighting system completed the illusion and allows patrons to enjoy a festive clear evening in a small Mexican town, even if it is raining outside.

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The pdf version of this project can be downloaded here.