K-13 Alliance Hilversum

Open-Plan Office in Hilversum Stuns with K-13

K-13 Alliance HilversumStudio Nine Dots is responsible for the stunning transformation of an existing building into the modern Alliance Offices in Hilversum, The Netherlands. The open office design incorporates elements from the warehouse trend so prevalent in design currently. The exposed duct and concrete beams work in perfect harmony with the modern fixtures and furnishings. The juxtaposition of industrial and natural materials created a perfect opportunity to utilize K-13 Thermal & Acoustical Finish for both aesthetic and acoustic benefits.

To effectively convert an existing, industrial building into a functional open-plan office, acoustical treatment is key. Without adequate acoustical finishes, hard surfaces and materials, which reflect sound, will produce echo reverberation and excessive noise, decreasing functionality and occupant comfort. Unlike hard surfaces and materials, K-13 absorbs excessive noise, making speech and music more intelligible, while enhancing overall sound quality.

K-13 is a high-performance, spray-applied, acoustical and thermal finish system that is tailored to meet the acoustical, thermal, and design objectives for a wide range of project types. It is available in 7 standard colors and in virtually any custom, integral color. Made in the USA from recycled, plant-based fibers, K-13 is the natural choice for new construction, renovation, and historic preservation projects.

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