Outstanding Bond Deflection Test Results for K-13

The ASTM E759 test method covers a procedure for determining the effect of deflection on sprayed fire-resistive material (SFRM) applied to a steel deck. These materials include sprayed fibrous and cementitious materials applied directly in contact with the structural members.

The ASTM E759 test is another confirmation of the incredible bond K-13 has. When applied properly by ICC Certified Installers, K-13 can bond with virtually any properly prepared substrate and ceiling configuration. There will be no flaking, dusting, or falling when done properly.

Download or view the pdf flier here.


Bond Strength Case Studies

K-13 was spray-applied to the ceiling of Education First’s 10 floors and the parking garage in 2014. 6 years later it still looks as beautiful as the day it was applied. There have been no problems with the K-13’s material flaking or falling down. Education First is simply another testimony to the incredible bond strength of ICC’s products.

Key Benefits of K-13