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K-13 High-R System

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The K-13 High-R System is a mechanically supported insulation system for projects requiring a higher R-Value. With this system, K-13 is efficiently spray-applied up to 10" thick achieving up to R-37.5 to meet specifications.

K-13 Spray-Applied Thermal and Acoustical Insulation is an exposed ceiling finish requiring no additional barriers or materials. K-13 meets project requirements for thermal insulation, noise control with an attractive natural texture that is available in standard and custom colors.


How It Works

Performance & Efficiency

With a mechanically supported system, K-13 High-R decreases risk for fall-out found with typical high-build installations and efficiently meets higher R-Value requirements for your project.

The K-13 High-R System begins with installing stickpins to the substrate and applying the first layer of K-13 up to 5" thick. This first layer of insulation is secured in place using StructaLath III, a unique welded lath wiring. The second layer of K-13 is then applied to meet project specifications for R-Value and color.

Step 1
High-R Step 1
Install 6” stick pins starting 3” from wall in an approximate 16”x16” grid-like pattern.
Step 2
High-R Step 2
Spray base layer of K-13 Tan to approximately 4”-5” thickness.
Step 3
High-R Step 3
Place StructaLath III wiring over pins.
Step 4
High-R Step 4
Secure the wiring to the pins with 1.5” washers.
Step 5
High-R Step 5
Spray the final layer of K-13 to meet specifications for R-Value and color.
K-13 R-Value Chart


Thermal Control

K-13 is sprayed-in-place, filling cracks, seams, and voids to form a monolithic coating over the substrate helping to reduce air infiltration. Unlike prefabricated insulations, K-13 has no voids or compressed areas to reduce thermal efficiency, resulting in exceptionally low heat-loss characteristics and an R-Value of 3.7 per inch.

With the K-13 High-R System, K-13 is applied up to 10" to meet your higher thermal requirements, making it ideal for projects such as Parking Garages, Event Centers, Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, or Stadiums.

K-13 UL Classified K-13 Factory Mutual Approved K-13 UL GREENGUARD GOLD M1 Emission Class for Building Materials K-13 Health Product Declaration (HPD 2.0) K-13 80% Recycled


K-13 is made from 80% Pre-Consumer Recycled Content and inventoried to 1,000 PPM in accordance with the HPD Collaborative.

K-13 is UL GREENGUARD Gold certified and compliant with LEED v4: Low-Emitting Materials, CDHP/ California Section 01350, SCAQMD Rule 1168, and CHPS- Acoustical Ceiling. Additionally, K-13's thermal and acoustical performance may contribute to sustainable credit categories for green-building initiatives.

K-13 does not contain silica dust, asbestos, mineral or glass fibers, or PCB’s.

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Technical Data

Typical Projects

Typical Projects

Our patented water-based adhesive adheres to virtually any properly prepared substrate and ceiling configuration including metal deck, barrel-vaults, concrete "T" corrugated decks, gypsum, wood, concrete, and other complex surfaces. Surfaces to receive K-13 are to be inspected prior to installation to determine if pre-treatment is required.