Protek Applied Over K-13 in The BBVA Sadium for Superior Protection

BBVA Compass Stadium is home of the Houston Dynamos MLS Team. The LEED Silver certified stadium was designed by Populous Architects, and is central to East Houston’s Downtown Redevelopment Plan. The stadium features a unique, tessellated exterior, which creates an enclosed setting, in a mostly open air space. In order to prevent energy loss escaping between the conditioned suites above the main concourse level, a 2” application of K-13 in Light Gray was spray-applied directly to the ribbed metal decking. The application of K-13 provides thermal control, enhancing energy efficiency. Along with thermal control, K-13 in Black was spray-applied in the suites above for acoustic control.

To protect the application of K-13 below the suites from physical damage and exterior elements such as dust, birds, and fumes, Protek-13, tinted light gray to match, was applied on top as a protective coating. Protek-13 is a spray-applied, water-based, vinyl-acrylic emulsion containing interlocking fibers that form a protective coating over fibrous surfaces. Protek-13 provides a tough, durable surface and can easily be brushed, rinsed, or blown clean for efficient maintenance. The combination of K-13 and Protek-13 at BBVA Compass Stadium makes a high- performance Dynamic Duo that will maintain its appearance for many years to come. GOAL!!!!

Whether your facility is under construction, or has been around for years, protecting your fibrous insulation and fireproofing with Protek-13 is quick and economical. High-traffic areas are often vulnerable to physical damage from personnel, machinery, birds, and other sources. The tough resilient surface of Protek-13 resists abrasion and prevents the “picking away” of fibers, greatly extending the useful life of the covered materials.

Download the pdf version of this project here.