Protek-13 Protective Coating

Spray-On Insulation Protectant

CSI: 09 96 13

Protek-13 is a protective coating for new or previously installed applications of fibrous insulations and coatings like K-13 or fireproofing. Composed of a water-based vinyl-acrylic emulsion containing interlacing fibers, Protek-13 is spray-applied to fibrous insulation resulting in a uniform surface finish that effectively guards against physical damage and airborne contaminants without significantly compromising the acoustic performance of materials underneath.

Typical Projects

Protek-13 is ideal for interior and covered exterior applications where high-traffic and industrial conditions require additional protection from abrasion and airborne contaminants such as dust, dirt, or fumes. Though appropriate for humid environments such as parking garages, Protek-13 should not be specified in areas where the coating is regularly exposed to excessive moisture such as rain or pressure washing.

Protek-13 is Class 1, Class A Fire-Rated and available in standard white and custom colors to meet design requirements.

Protection from

Physical Damage

High-traffic areas are often vulnerable to physical damage from personnel, machinery, birds, and other sources. Protek-13 resists abrasion and prevents “picking away” of the fibers, extending the life of your fibrous insulation.
Additionally, Protek-13 provides superior hiding characteristics making it a great solution for previously installed applications of K-13.

Protection from

Airborne Contaminants

Dust, dirt, grease, and fumes are present in almost every industrial environment. The firmer, more uniform surface of Protek-13 significantly reduces the accumulation of these airborne contaminants. For clean-up, Protek-13 can easily be swept with a broom, blown clean with compressed air, or lightly washed with water (no scrubbing).

Sound Control

Protek-13 provides a protective coating for K-13 Thermal and Acoustical insulation without significantly affecting the acoustical performance of the material underneath.

The following test was conducted by spraying two separate thicknesses of Protek-13 over 1.75″ of K-13 Thermal and Acoustical insulation. System 1 was applied in a standard coating, covering 96-98% of the K-13 underneath. System 2 was a heavy-build covering 99-100% of the underlying K-13.

ASTM C 423 - Sound Absorption (NRC)
All acoustical testing was performed by an NVLAP-accredited laboratory. Testing available on request.

Custom Colors Available

Protek-13 is available in standard white as well as specially-matched custom colors.

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Note: Color selection will affect the final price.

K-13 Standard Color - BlackK-13 Standard Color Black

Standard Color | K-13 Black

gray swatchK-13 Standard Color Gray

Standard Color | K-13 Gray

light gray swatchK-13 Standard Color Light Gray

Standard Color | K-13 Light Gray

white swatchK-13 Standard Color White

Standard Color | K-13 White

tan swatchK-13 Standard Color Tan

Standard Color | K-13 Tan

sw 6871 swatchK-13 Standard Color Positive Red SW 6871

Custom Color | Positive Red SW 6871

sw-9046K-13 Standard Color Gold Coast SW 6376

Custom Color | Gold Coast SW 6376

csp-960 swatchK-13 Standard Color Goldsmith CSP-960

Custom Color | Goldsmith CSP-960

ral 6035 swatchK-13 Standard Color RAL 6035

Custom Color | RAL 6035

RAL-5005 SwatchK-13 Standard Color RAL 5005

Custom Color | RAL 5005

1371K-13 Standard Color Plum Perfect 1371

Custom Color | Plum Perfect 1371

sw-9046K-13 Standard Color Gentle Aquamarine SW

Custom Color | Gentle Aquamarine SW 9046


Protek-13 is a sustainable protective coating designed to prolong the durability and useful life of fibrous insulations and materials in areas with heavy traffic or industrial exposure. It is formulated with pre-consumer recycled content, supporting environmental stewardship. The coating's highly reflective surface, particularly white, can significantly enhance lighting efficiency.

Protek-13 is a low-emitting building material with a VOC content level below one g/L. It complies with stringent South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) rules 1113 and 1168. Moreover, its formulation excludes silica dust, asbestos, mineral or glass fibers, and PCBs, promoting safer application and usage.

Technical Data

Protek-13 Documentation & Downloads


Protek-13 Spec  PDF

Protek-13 Parking Spec  

K-13 Specification  PDF | DOC