Custom Color Red SonaSpray “fc” on the ceiling in Spin Neapolitan Pizza restaurant

SonaSpray “FC” in Ravishing Red at SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza

SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza captures the feeling of an authentic Naples Pizzeria with a modern twist. SPIN! Pizza recently opened its newest location in Prairie Village, KS. The restaurant was designed by 360 Architecture.

One design challenge was presented by the original, concrete, waffle ceiling. If left untreated, concrete, waffle ceilings create excessive noise levels and reverberation which can be very damaging for business, and harmful for employees. To address this challenge without compromising the vibrant design, SonaSpray “fc” was selected in a custom matched red. The eye-catching application absorbs the excess noise, and provides optimum acoustic control.

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SPIN! Pizza, Prairie Village