Stella’s Elixir Lounge Choose SonaSpray “fc” to Help Create an Upscale Space Perfect for Conversing with Friends

Named for the character in Tennessee William’s Pulitzer Prize winning play “A Streetcar Named Desire” Stella’s Elixir Lounge in Huntsville, AL has quickly earned the reputation as one of the “hottest spots” in town. As their website highlights, the objective was to become THE place to meet after work, gather with friends, or impress a date. Recently voted the Best Cocktail Bar in Huntsville, the goal was achieved.

“We created an impeccably posh, but unpretentious lounge. It is very important that people can carry on a conversation,” says Stella’s owner Angela Panzica.

A three-quarter inch application of the fine textured SonaSpray “fc” in the standard color of black was chosen to eliminate the unwanted echo and reverberation. Download resources for SonaSpray “fc” on our documentation page.

“The ability to have the ceiling exposed while maintaining proper acoustics was an important part of the design,” says Alison Corey lead architect with Chapman-Sisson Architects in Huntsville who designed the lounge.

Mission accomplished thanks to the SonaSpray “fc” application. By absorbing 80% of the unwanted noise in the restaurant, even with live music, Stella’s a lively yet sophisticated lounge that many consider “sexy.”

Download the pdf version of this project and add it to your collection.