museum of natural curiosity

The Museum of Natural Curiousity


K-13 Provides Acoustic + Thermal Performance at
The Museum of Natural Curiosity

The Museum of Natural Curiosity in Lehi, UT, is a distinct, barn shaped structure, which was designed by FFKR Architects. The two level, 40,000 sq. ft. facility features hundreds of hands on, interactive, learning exhibits, and is the newest addition to the Thanksgiving Point complex. 


In order to create a wide-open space, filled with large exhibits, a unique roof system of steel and timber was utilized. The roof system gives the museum its distinct appearance while providing necessary structural support. This feature allows the inside to flow organically into three main sections, divided by the exhibits, as opposed to a maze of partitions or walls. The museums extensive use of glass windows provides visitors with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, which blend seamlessly into the interior.


To ensure the space would be fully functional and enjoyable for all, acoustical treatment was essential. For this reason an application of K-13 was selected, and spray-applied to the unique ceiling. K-13 absorbs echo, reverberation and excessive sound-, which would have otherwise been prevalent in a space of this type, without compromising the architectural details and design. K-13 was produced in a custom color manufactured specifically for the project. In addition to acoustic performance, K-13 provides high thermal value, which helps to reduce the museums environmental footprint.

For spaces of this type, the importance of acoustical design cannot be over emphasized. The control of reverberation time is key to maintaining both speech intelligibility and background noise control. Unlike hard surfaces and materials, which reflect sound, K-13 absorbs echo, reverberation and unwanted noise to maintain an enjoyable environment.

K-13 is a high-performance, spray-applied acoustic and thermal finish tailored to meet the acoustic, thermal, and aesthetic objectives for each unique project. K-13 adheres to virtually any common substrates and to complex/ irregular surface configurations. K-13 is available in seven standard colors, and can be produced in custom matched, integral colors. K-13 is class 1 rated per ASTM E 84 UL 723, and serves as an exposed finish requiring no additional coatings or materials. Manufactured in the USA from 80% recycled, plant-based fibers, K-13 is the greenest choice amongst products of this type.

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