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Thermal and Acoustic Solutions for Stadiums

Key Elements

Determining the appropriate thermal and acoustic solutions for stadiums and multi-purpose arenas can be a challenging task that demands careful consideration of both form and function for a meaningful, effective execution. Architects and contractors must thoroughly comprehend the desired, long-term functionality of a completed project before making a decision. 

The proper management of stadium temperature is essential, as large volumes of people gather together to enjoy concerts, sporting events, conferences, and more. Effective thermal insulation ensures stadium suites and interior spaces are protected from exterior weather. 

Additionally, acoustic solutions for stadiums and multi-purpose arenas are essential for controlling reverberation and echo from music, announcements, and crowd volume, while wanted sounds are amplified effectively. 

International Cellulose Corporation is proud to offer quality products that support ultimate thermal and acoustical comfort for fully functional stadiums personalized for your needs.

Product Highlights


K-13 is a spray-applied, thermal insulation typically used as an exposed ceiling finish, requiring no additional barriers or materials. K-13 meets project requirements for thermal and noise control, and features an attractive natural texture that is available in both standard and custom colors.

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Thermal Control

K-13 is sprayed-in-place, filling cracks, seams, and voids to form a monolithic coating over the substrate which helps to reduce air infiltration. Unlike prefabricated insulations, K-13 has no voids or compressed areas to reduce thermal efficiency, resulting in exceptionally low heat-loss characteristics and an R-Value of 3.70 per inch.

K-13 can be sprayed up to 5" thick in one application without mechanical support. For an even higher R-Value, we recommend the K-13 High-R System, a mechanically supported system for R-Values exceeding R-19.

sOUND Control

K-13 reduces excessive noise often present in modern design trends, significantly improving ambient sound quality and speech intelligibility.

K-13's superior acoustical performance is measured using the room reverberation method per ASTM C 423 to calculate a noise reduction coefficient (NRC). The resilient fibers of K-13 absorb sound energy instead of reflecting it, effectively reducing reverberation time and making it the perfect solution for noisy environments like restaurants, entertainment venues, or open-office plans.



Ure-K is a spray-applied 15-minute thermal barrier approved to go over exposed applications of polyurethane foam in existing buildings and new construction projects as a combination system to meet mandatory code requirements. Ure-K is not foam insulation.

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K-13 High-R System

The K-13 High-R System is a mechanically supported insulation system for projects requiring a higher R-Value. With this system, K-13 is efficiently spray-applied up to 10" thick, achieving up to R-37.5 to meet specifications.

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K-13 UL Classified K-13 Factory Mutual Approved K-13 UL GREENGUARD GOLD M1 Emission Class for Building Materials K-13 Health Product Declaration (HPD 2.0) K-13 80% Recycled

Why Partner with icc?

Performance. Quality. Sustainability.
Readily Available.

Developed over 60 years ago, we are proud to say that our products are tested for performance and durability to meet specifications for insulation and noise reduction. Additionally, our products are unsurpassed in fire safety, boasting a Class 1, Class A rating.

Our spray-on thermal insulation bonds to most commercial exposed ceiling finishes, such as concrete, steel, gypsum board, wood, and rigid insulation. Our factory-trained applicators can install our thermal insulation products to the most complex configurations and cover exposed ceiling areas quickly, easily, and efficiently in a wide range of buildings and structures, including:

  • Office Buildings
  • Parking Garages
  • Event Centers
  • Stadiums
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Houses of Worship
  • Fitness Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Restaurants

International Cellulose Corporation is dedicated to delivering the finest thermal insulation products available to conserve energy, reduce noise, protect construction investments, and create better working environments.

Lastly, International Cellulose Corporation’s line of sustainable spray-on insulation systems consists of natural, plant-based fibers and specialty water-based adhesives. In addition to acoustic and thermal performance, our products meet some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. Our products are UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified and contribute to healthier indoor environments. To find out more about ICC’s sustainability practices, read here.

Our Work

SonaSpray Acoustic spray in ArenaTaylor Sportsplex | SonaSpray | White
J.B. And Johnelle Hunt Family Baseball Development Center | K-13 | White
Light Gray K-13 at University of MichiganUniversity of Michigan | K-13 | Light Gray
Protek at BBVA StadiumBBVA Compass Stadium | Protek-13 | Light Gray

ICC’s spray-applied thermal and acoustic materials are readily available for shipment to our network of licensed installers. Please contact us for details on how we can help your project be the best it can be!

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Typical Projects

Our patented water-based adhesive adheres to virtually any properly prepared substrate and ceiling configuration including metal deck, barrel-vaults, concrete "T" corrugated decks, gypsum, wood, concrete, and other complex surfaces. Surfaces to receive K-13 are to be inspected prior to installation to determine if pre-treatment is required.